Synthetic leather should not look dull and easily crack. Appealing is a must, but it also has to be very durable, soft in touching and comfort in seating. This is why we are here.

Created in 2002, CSL Leather is borne with 3 strong DNA in the very first stage of all synthetic leather development – Comfort, Soft, Long Lasting. Our upholstery has to be comfort when used in any seating; Felt soft when it touches human body; And possess high durability for long lasting usage.
We create every collection to suit everyday life and in sync with the needs of our customers to deliver various surface experiences across markets: residential, commercial and hospitality.

Our sound reputation in the market is also built upon 3 strong foundations: inspiring, precision and flexibility.
• Inspiring : to give imaginative ideas and make them be as realistic as possible
• Precision : to deliver the best product to the right market on time
• Flexibility : ability to develop customizable material based on customer needs and expectation

With partners across market segment, we are here to share our experience with you – experience comfort in life, experience of CSL Leather.